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Pay attention to the positioning of the front and rear molds

The product for the first injection should be placed on the non-operating side, because after the first injection, the product has to be rotated 180 degrees for the second injection, and it just turns to the operating side for easy access to the product. It is also conducive to better color, so there is no need to spray too much.Parting surface. The two-color mold itself has much more than the single-color mold. If it is a two-color mold of a set of molds, it is a straight barrel and a 90-degree barrel to shoot glue. 16. Otherwise, when the rear mold rotates 180 degrees, it will not align with the front mold, which is not good. As for how to determine the primary and secondary materials, there are many factors to be considered, such as the fluidity of raw materials, the shape of plastic products, and so on. The two shapes of the cavity are different, and one product is molded separately, and the two shapes of the core are intact. The separation method of soft and hard glue Plastic mould suppliers depends on the position sealing. Two-color molds are becoming more and more popular in the market at present. The tolerance of the front and rear flanges is minus 0. The direction of water in and out of water must be on the side of heaven and earth, and every circulating water must be on the same surface. If the primary material is a point gate, make a wave to avoid the secondary material being touched by the residual point of the primary feed. The water cannot enter the sky and the water outlet is on the ground side, because the back mold must be rotated 180 degrees. Two positioning rings must be designed on the back mold bottom plate.The two-color mold is much more generous and beautiful in appearance, which enhances its own value and realizes the value of shape.   5. 15.  24. At this time, the interface effect of the two materials, the difference in shrinkage, and processing parameters must be considered. This check must be done during design.

Two-color injection molds often use rotary injection molds. Two-color injection molds usually use the same plastic in different colors, or two different plastic materials. If the mold embryo has been processed in the mold embryo factory, when the factory wants to process the nozzle and the top pin hole, the number should be taken based on the spacing center of the 4 guide pin and guide sleeve holes, otherwise the deviation is too much and it is easy to get stuck Die.  26. When ordering the mold base, it is necessary to indicate that it is a two-color mold base. The side locks must be on the four sides of the mold center and the front and rear molds are symmetrical. The product spacing must be based on the spacing of the nozzles of the injection molding machine.   3. 14. Generally speaking, the shrinkage rate of the two-color mold depends on the primary material.When latent glue feeding cannot be used, three-plate molds or hot runner molds can be considered.   Click to read: The mold price increase is coming! After August 19! Please don't ask the price again, just ask if it is available! Note that the injection molding machine provided by the customer is parallel to the nozzle direction, whether it is the X axis or the Y axis, so as to determine the layout of the product ranking.The water transportation arrangement of the two cavities and cores is as sufficient as possible, and balanced and the same.02mm, the gap between the top rod and the top rod hole is 0. Pay attention to the position of the thimble hole, the minimum interval is 210mm. This process can make the appearance of the product more beautiful, easy to change the color without spraying, but it is expensive and requires high technical requirements. The thimble plate can only be reset by spring, and screws cannot be used for forced reset, because the rear mold needs to rotate.05mm, the tolerance of the distance between the two flanges is plus or minus 0. The mold base guide post and guide sleeve must be symmetrical up and down, and the front and back molds are symmetrical. Only one mold core is needed.

Pay attention to the positioning of the front and rear molds, and the slope drop of all penetrating and breaking surfaces should be as large as possible, which should be more than 0.  28. It is better to choose latent glue feeding for one-time product, so that the product and the runner can be automatically cut off. The distance between the top of the upper (large nozzle) SPRUE and the center of the mold base is not less than 150mm. 10.1mm on one side, and the center distance tolerance of the front and rear mold guide bushes is positive and negative.  11. The back mold should be rotated 180 degrees, and the front mold should not move. The total thickness of the front mold panel plus A plate cannot be less than 170mm.  25. When the ejection and ejection mechanism on the two-color injection molding machine cannot be used, a hydraulic ejection and ejection mechanism must be set on the rotary table. Pay attention to the mold base The size cannot exceed the height of the water outlet of the injection molding machine, otherwise, the water cannot be transported. The four guide posts and guide sleeves are symmetrical to the frame. Two independent ejection systems, and two ejector sticks. It is not only because of the single color or the price problem, the fixed cost investment makes the difference between the two-color mold and the single-color mold, but the most important thing is the technology

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